In Memoriam: Tom Ewald

This morning at 11AM, our dear friend and former Chorus of the Chesapeake member, Tom Ewald, will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Many people who knew him socially had no idea of his contributions to the security of our country; much of those contributions can never be told. As evidenced by his interment at Arlington, Tom was a living hero of his country before he became a hero to the rest of us for different reasons. He was the finest kind of man there ever was. He was also a long-time member of DELASUSQUEHUDMAC, which is an honor chapter of men with distinguished service to the district. Tom served as president of that group in 1995-1996. He rarely had a cross word for anyone, and he was a true class act. Tom loved to tell a good joke, and he had a large collection to choose from. His most recently known quartet in the Mid-Atlantic District was the Pros-N-Cons. In that quartet, he was the straight man to Fred and Harry’s antics. Tom was a gentleman AND a gentle man. He will be missed dearly by all who knew him. Please hold Tom’s family in your thoughts and prayers today as they take another step in the grieving process. We offer this video tribute to Tom in his memory.